About Us
Probably every dog owner can admit that adopting a puppy is a 180 degree change in one’s life. While having a pet is a great experience and helps us in becoming better human beings, owning a pet of any sort requires making some sacrifices. As an avid traveller, by the time of turning 4 months old, Rio (our Border Collie puppy) spent dozens of hours in the car and visited a number of regions in Poland, where I come from. Fortunately he handles car trips brilliantly. Every now and then we need to leave our city for professional engagements and sometimes taking a dog with us is not an option. As I did my first search for dog hotels in a neighbourhood, to my surprise, I found that there is no dedicated platform where you can find pet boarding services providers aggregated in one place, with information about the price and ratings from past clients. In the absence of a present solution I decided to create such a platform myself. It is my strong hope that thanks to Hepier, many pet owners will be able to find and book pet services as easy as traditional hotels or flights.
— Pawel Wos
Founder at Hepier